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We use cookies on our Site. The user acknowledges that he agrees to the use of cookies and is familiar with the policy regarding them.
what types of cookies are used
kieran clarke website uses several types of cookies:
  • Permanent. Such files are kept until their expiration date or until you delete them.
  • Session. These types of files are only stored for the duration of your browser session and are deleted when you close them.
  • Third party. This kind of files that belong to a domain other than the domain specified in the address bar. Most often, these cookies are used when the web page contains content from external websites.
It is also customary to distinguish cookies according to their intended purpose:
  • Mandatory. Without such cookies, the site will not work properly, they are required for use by all users. You can disable them using your browser settings, in which case the site or its components will not work correctly.
  • Functional. This type of cookie helps you navigate the site and also allows you to use the functionality of the web page.
  • Advertising. This type of cookie is used primarily for marketing purposes, helping us to offer you better personalized offers.
  • Analytical. These cookies are used to collect statistical information about the use of the site. For example, analyze the number of users.
what are cookies used for
Kieran Clarke website uses cookies to optimize your browsing experience. They allow you to remember the choice you made (for example, the choice of the language of the site).
Please note that cookies do not pose a security risk to your data.
can i manage and delete cookies
Yes, you can manage and control your cookies. However, please note that if you refuse cookies, all personalized settings will be reset.
The easiest and best way is to use the browser settings.