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About Kieran Clarke, photo, jpg.
About Kieran Clarke photo, jpg
On the Motocross Circuit: A Prodigy's Rise
Embarking on his father's legacy in 2002, Kieran transitioned to road racing. He swiftly ascended the ranks, claiming third place in the Yamaha R6 Cup alongside notable figures like Cal Crutchlow and Tommy Hill.
Initiating his journey at the age of 7 in motocross, he clinched his first championship title at the British Youth Championship within two years. Representing Honda Britain, Kieran secured multiple youth titles and won his first race in the British Supercross Pro 125cc category at the age of 15.
At just 19 years old, Kieran made his mark in the British Superbike Championship, securing two impressive 7th-place finishes.
Later transitioned to World Supersport before a life-threatening injury in 2015 forced him into retirement.

Hollywood Bound: The Evolution into Stunt Mastery

After two decades competing at the highest level in various motorcycle disciplines, Kieran Clarke has now dedicated himself as a full-time Hollywood stuntman.
Hollywood Bound, photo, jpg
Kieran works with outstanding directors and actors, allowing him to constantly push the boundaries of his craft.
A visionary director and meticulous stunt coordinator, Kieran excels in translating concepts into reality. His ability to synchronize picture, sound, and edit seamlessly creates a captivating visual symphony that resonates with audiences.
Kieran Clarke & Tom Cruise, photo, jpg. Mission Impossible 7.

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